The Rusty ​South

Original Artwork by Andrea "Jane Dozier" Lawrence on Canvas Metal Tin & Wood

 Original Photographs of Southern Landscape & Rusty Things!

Reclaimed Collectibles

Welcome to My World

My world is full of Art, Photos and Design in a place I call the​

 "The Rusty South" 

You will see my view of this Timeworn South through my Art and Images and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did creating them!  

Rustically Yours,

Andrea "Jane Dozier" Lawrence

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Sneak Peek of My Favorites!


I love to paint Cats and Flowers on Canvas! Send me your favorite pet or flower photo and I will create something bright and beautiful for you!  This is one of my earlier paintings of my "Harley Cat" ~ He was my special friend who was always by my side!

Price Range $45 to $95 According to Size and Detail


Fresh Cut Cedar Slices from our "Rock Bottom Farm" to paint Birds, Pumpkins and Sunflowers!

Prices Range from $25 to $45 According to Detail


Bring me your heirlooms and let me help make it your special painted keepsake! 

Old Doors ~ Saw Blades ~ Rusty Car Doors ~ Antique Milk Cans

Price will depend on Detail and Size of your Item

​Rusty Tin​

Painting on Rusty Tin gives it that character that brings the subject to life!

Barns ~ Birds ~ Flower ~ Roosters ~ Trees

Prices Range from $55 to $75 according to Size and Detail

Old Wood

The flaws in the old wood give it the character needed without much effort to make it unique! The older the wood the better whether an old fence from a Delta Plantation or a plank from a collapsed barn!

Prices Range from $55 to $95 According to Size, Detail and Age


Cards from a Timeworn South

Photos and Images of a place I call "The Rusty South"

  I have a variety of postcards and note cards  with Images from Texas to Florida of Cotton Fields to Corn Rows, Sunrises to Sunsets, Rivers to Lakes, Old Tenant houses and Farm Equipment! 

Postcards $3.50 each

Note Cards with Envelopes $5.00 each

Photos & Images of a Timeworn South





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